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Pee Dee studio

Bo Town Studio is on a mission to make every artist sound the best they possibly can.

Located clearly in The Community of Pee Dee, SC This studio is clean , comfortable and "pubicly" private.

The Pee Dee Studio is now offering exactly what is needed for you (any artist rap/hip-hop/singer) to complete your music production plans.

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Quick Rap

  • 1 rap/song under a 30 minute time frame +
  • $5.00 each additional 30 minutes.

Rockin Out

  • 4 hours (no break)
  • More rehearsal time!
  • More mixing time!
  • More relaxing experience!

Limited Time!

Sorry..This offer has ended Valentine's Day!



Email & message for booking!✔


You must have 1 of the following to keep a copy of your music:

USB memory stick
Memory card
Bluetooth android smartphone
Email address
Blank CD

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