5/29 @ 8:00pm

Stop Bye If Its OPEN!

Local Artist

Lets Record - Don't Wait - Stop Bye "Tonight"

  • Bo Town's Music Recording Studio is on a mission to make every artist sound the best they possibly can. 

Come in for a rehearsal recording.
Come in for a professional recording.
Come in with your beats/instrumentals.
Come in with your own USB/memory card.
Come in with a $10 down payment.
Come in to start a music project.
Come in Prepared.

  • *DEAL* The 1st hour is (almost) free, but to get ANYTHING started there's a $10 upfront charge. Then after the first hour its $25 an hour.

    *You are free to leave with copies of all your recordings.*

Local Artist

Dope A$$ Video

Bo Town Mixing

Vocal Recording Studio

CALL or TEXT Now for any questions.

The staff at Bo Town Studio includes...Accomplished musicians, beat makers, producers, mixers, engineers, videographers, sketch artist & guidance. Call now to get acquainted.

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Bo Town welcomes all artist & musicians to the Pee Dee recording studio. Located clearly in The Community of Pee Dee between Georgetown/ Hemingway, SC Inside the studio is clean , comfortable and professional.

24 Bouie Way, Hemingway, SC, United States